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Locked out? Burglary damage? Problems with your lock? You can call on our service 24/7!




24/7 Emergency Service in Eexterzandvoort

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to open locks and change locks in Eexterzandvoort. Are you standing at the door but have forgotten or lost your key? Don't panic, call us! Within no time our lock specialist will open the door and you will be able to enter your house again!

Make an appointment in just a few minutes

Making an appointment with our Eexterzandvoort locksmiths works as follows: Call 097010280682. You tell our employee your location. Within one hour at the latest our locksmith will be at your doorstep. Within no time he will open the locked door for you and you can get back inside!

Break-in damage and emergency supply

Have you been burgled and have the locks been damaged beyond repair? Of course you can contact us 24/7. We can immediately replace the locks or find a temporary solution. In addition, our locksmith can give you immediate advice on burglary prevention.


Bel ons op elk moment van de dag 24/7

  • Quickly on site for any emergency
  • Best advice
  • Fixed price guarantee
  • Available 24/7
  • Competent experts

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You can buy any model of the locking device from us with its installation in Eexterzandvoort and surrounding areas. Our Locksmith Eexterzandvoort company provides guarantees on the purchased locking devices and locksmith work. All you need to do, if you need to install the door lock in a new place, is to contact Eexterzandvoort Locksmith near you and tell what type of lock you are interested in. When replacing the lever or cylinder mechanism - send a photo of the already installed device; our locksmith in Eexterzandvoort will arrive at your place carrying a suitable door lock in terms of security and ease of use. Eexterzandvoort Locksmith cooperates with individuals and organizations. You can pay for all installation, replacement or repair work in cash or by bank transfer.


Whether you like it or not, one day the time comes when the lock on your door becomes unusable. Then you have to resort to locksmith services in order to replace the old lock with a new one. Often people try to carry out the work themselves, but do not succeed. Even if the old lock is at first glance identical to the new lock, they may have differences that will prevent you from achieving the desired result, for example, different distances between the holes for fastening the lock. In addition, an incorrectly installed lock will last much less than a lock installed by a professional locksmith and leave your commercial property vulnerable to unauthorised access. Replacement work requires practical skills, relevant education, specialised tools and experience dealing with various locking mechanisms. Entrust the safety of your commercial premises to the specialists at Slotenmaker Service 24.

We hebben meer dan 20.000 klanten geholpen

DOOR LOCK EXPERTS IN Eexterzandvoort

Loss or theft of keys, jamming of the mechanism and its damage are some of the most common reasons for replacing a door locking device. If the lock is with a cylinder, you only have to change the cylinder itself which saves some money on complete replacement; as a result, you will have a new set of keys, 3 to 6 depending on the lock manufacturer. One lock is good, but two locks are even better! If you have one lock, and you doubt its reliability, there are two options: replace the lock with a more reliable mechanism, or install an additional lock on the front door of your commercial property. In both cases, it is best for the Locksmith to come out to the worksite and personally get acquainted with your door. You can rely on the experience of Locksmith Eexterzandvoort to select the most optimal replacement lock based on your security requirements and carry out the work on its installation in accordance with the established standards and safety guidelines. Rest assured, your Eexterzandvoort home or office premises will be kept safe and secure at all stages of work.


Replacing cylinder locks

If you need to replace or install a lock in a wooden or iron door of your commercial property, you have come to the right place. We provide locksmith service on a 24/7 basis, so you can count on us whenever you need the assistance of experts in high-security locking devices. We can schedule the visit of a Locksmith at a time convenient for you or send out an emergency locksmith immediately. We have locksmiths staged across the city which allows for fast response time. The arrival time of a Locksmith Eexterzandvoort at the place of call averages 20 minutes.

Slotenmaker Service 24 bieden 24/7 professionele diensten om de cilindersloten te vervangen in Nederland. Onze diensten omvatten sleutels snijden, hersleutelen, nieuwe cilindersloten plaatsen, en cilindersloten vervangen. Als u naar een nieuw huis bent verhuisd en de cilindersloten van het pand moeten worden vervangen of u wilt de cilindersloten laten vervangen, neem dan vandaag nog contact op met Slotenmaker Serivce 24 voor een gratis offerte.

Ask us for advice


Can we help you?

Our locksmiths are selected on quality, speed and service. Because of this, you will find only the best party to serve you. Our locksmiths aim to be on site within 20 minutes to provide you with an appropriate solution to your problem. Besides, you can avail the services of affiliated locksmiths day and night.

You can call on the services of a locksmith when: you have locked yourself out, your lock no longer works, burglary damage needs to be repaired, burglary-resistant hardware needs to be installed and the security of your home needs to be improved.

What you can do: In winter, locks sometimes freeze. The best thing to do is to use a hair dryer on your lock. This will release heat and melt the ice. After you get the lock open again, it is useful to grease the lock. What not to do: you should definitely not throw hot water over your lock. It will indeed work, but later the water you threw over it will freeze again.

Ja, het is mogelijk om uw deur schadevrij te openen. Wij beschikken over de nodige ervaring en gereedschappen om in geval van een buitensluiting de deuren schadevrij te openen. Het is zeer af te raden om zelf te proberen de deuren te openen. Sloten bestaan uit talloze kleine en zeer complexe onderdelen, die relatief gemakkelijk te beschadigen zijn. In veel gevallen zult u schade aan de sloten veroorzaken, waardoor het slot gerepareerd of zelfs geheel vervangen moet worden. This incurs additional costs that you can easily avoid.

Why choose us

Rapid response

With a fleet of ten service vehicles fully stocked with a wide range of lock fittings, we get to you quickly and solve your problem.


Our industry-leading products and technology include the latest computerised key machines, master key systems and restricted key systems.

Experience customer service

Our customer service is second to none. We enjoy working with project managers, contractors or others to get the job done.

Customer service & Expertise and experience

We are the security leader with the knowledge to help you choose the right solution for your needs. We manage sensitive client data via sophisticated software with password-controlled access, while physical files are kept in fire- and theft-resistant safes/cabinets accessible only to personnel with approved permits.


How much does a locksmith in the Netherlands cost?

A locksmith usually charges an average price of €75 to €150. The average cost of hiring a locksmith per incident is often €150. The cost will fluctuate depending on the specifics of the work, the materials used and the labour cost for a longer work period. The cost for emergency calls is €88 plus half an hour of work, plus transport costs of €35. We try to keep costs as low as possible.

Services we perform as locksmiths in the Netherlands:



When you call 097010280682 you are guaranteed to get a skilled locksmith on the line. All employees have undergone recognised training and have extensive knowledge in this field.



Are you standing at the door but have forgotten or lost your key? Do not panic but call us! Our lock specialist will open the door in no time and you can get back into your house!



Do you suspect that your locks need replacing? If the locks of your home or business premises are ageing, it is necessary to take action.



Has your house been broken into and the locks damaged beyond repair? Of course you can contact us here 24/7.



If you find yourself in the situation where your key has been left in the car or the door has broken off and fallen shut - call our car locksmith!

Contact professionals who know exactly what your problem is


Onze prijzenWij bieden de beste service tegen betaalbare prijzen

Cilinder vervangen van €35
Buitensluiting verhelpen van €59
Klavierslot vervangen van €45
Deuropening van €55
Reparatie op locatie van €40
Autoslot openen van €49
Deur reparatie van €15

24/7 LOCKSMITH EexterzandvoortNEAR YOU

We will be happy to assist you in all matters related to door locks repair, installation and fitting at any hour of day and night. Our range of services includes keys cutting, the opening of safes, cars, troubleshooting of electronic mechanisms, emergency lockout assistance and more. You can get acquainted with the prices of Eexterzandvoort Locksmith for installation and replacement on our website by checking the price list page or by calling at 097010280682. Our service managers will gladly answer any questions of concern. Feel free to get in touch with our commercial lock experts at any time. The consultation is free. The high-quality installation of a lock in a metal door is one of the main conditions for comfortable operation and maximum safety of your home or office. Need help choosing a locking mechanism? Call us - we will answer all your questions and carry out the competent installation of any door lock. We have a large selection of locking mechanisms that meet the most demanding security requirements.

Burglar-resistant cylinders are an excellent solution for an apartment, office, doors of an entrance group in a building, private houses and other residential and non-residential premises. Modern mortise mechanisms provide a high level of security and preserve the aesthetics and attractiveness of the entrance or interior door if installed by a qualified locksmith. Complete with a metal or steel door, the mortise lock works as efficiently as possible, while wooden doors become more vulnerable due to the violation of the integrity of the structure at the location of the locking mechanism. Mortise locks are functional, reliable and durable, but they have one drawback; amateur work can damage the door and reduce the level of security. Entrust the selection of the model and installation of the mortise lock to a Locksmith from Slotenmaker Service 24 for the best results. By turning to our services, you invest in personal peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones. The quality of our services is evidenced by reviews from local Eexterzandvoort customers whom we had the privilege to assist in securing their premises. Call us to learn more about our offers.

You can reach our 24/7 Locksmith for the following services:


Reken op de experts van Slotenmaker Service 24

Reken op de experts van Slotenmaker Service 24

slotenmaker 24/7 Are you looking for a Locksmith in Eexterzandvoort but it is not urgent? Then you are also at the right place with our locksmith company. You can contact us for burglary prevention, replacement of locks or the installation of locks on doors which do not have a lock (such as interior doors, garden doors or outbuildings such as a barn, garage or shed).

In addition, our locksmith company in Eexterzandvoort is specialized in the installation of multi-point locks. Multi-point locks are lock systems where you can lock or unlock multiple points in your door or window with one cylinder and one lever movement. The advantage of multi-point locks is that there are no additional locks required and the locks offer maximum security. The multipoint locks that we supply are executed with the SKG quality mark, which guarantees a good, safe and very solid lock.


Different locks

Door locks play an essential role in any living space, and are part of the building blocks for safety and security. Most people are aware of this, but not many are well informed when it comes to types of door locks. Choosing the right door lock from the available types is important. The reason is obvious: some locks work better in some situations than others. A basic understanding of types of door locks for homes will help homeowners and property managers choose the best locks that can be used at all times. There are lots of different locks, below are locks that are the most in demand.

1. Deadbolt

Deadbolts are probably one of the most popular types of door locks, and they are widely used in many homes. Because of their popularity, they are also a common fixture in commercial spaces. A majority of homeowners should be familiar with the single cylinder deadbolt, which can be considered a subset of types of door locks. However, there are several types of deadbolts, each of which can be used in some capacity within a residential environment. In terms of the type of door lock, the deadbolt is usually used to secure external doors. There is no law against using deadbolts in the home, but there are other types of locks that are better suited for this task (but we will come back to that later). Another point to keep in mind is that a deadbolt lock does not use a spring mechanism to operate the latch.

2. Doorknob locks

If you needed to find a doorknob within 30 seconds, you would probably know where to look. If you could not reach the doorknob within the allotted time, you would still know exactly where it is and how to get there. Doorknob locks are easy to find, and they are usually used for indoors. There are probably doorknobs installed on an exterior door somewhere, but those who have done so have the wrong idea (explanation follows). Of all the types of door locks, the doorknob comes closest to being used indoors.

3. Mortise locks

Mortise locks are similar to cylindrical lever locks, in that they are used more in commercial buildings, although they are also used in many homes. I should point out that there are many types of door locks that are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Most homeowners who have a mortise lock either chose it themselves or the lock was already fitted to their door. It is often the case that older homes have mortise locks, and some owners choose to continue to maintain these locks rather than have a locksmith in the Netherlands install new locks. There is nothing wrong with that, as there are many advantages to using a mortise lock.

4. Electronic locks and smart locks

Electronic locks are also commonly used for homes, and this applies to both houses and flat blocks. Many people often conflate smart locks and electronic locks, but that would be incorrect. You are right in thinking that smart locks are electronic locks, but not every electronic lock is a smart lock. There is a fine line between the two, but knowing where to tread is a fairly simple task, and one that will help you choose the right types of door locks. Using electronic or smart locks on a property is usually done when there is an inherent need for better access control, or simply when a resident wants to install a lock that seems more efficient.

Taking the lock apart to open it


The term take out means different locksmith methods used to open the door. A locksmith may use grease to effectively slide a rake pick into the latch. A pressure tool is always used to firmly secure the keyhole and light pressure is always applied before trying a more complex technique. Light pressure is best, as extreme tension can make the lock springs weak and the lock rigid.

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onze slotenmaker service 24

Call our locksmith Eexterzandvoort service for any type of locking problem!

We as locksmith Service 24 value efficient completion of the job and quality work so that we can offer positive results to all our customers. We promise to respond with urgency when you need us most. We promise to strive for the accountability that comes from our commitment to excellence. We promise to provide the best in locksmith services to bring you peace of mind.



All our locksmiths in Eexterzandvoort have more than 10 years of experience as locksmiths. They are also trained and we take the time to retrain them whenever there is new technology. This means well-trained and knowledgeable locksmiths and technicians are working for you and you will always get quality service.


We take great pride in our response times. As soon as you call, we will send one of our locksmiths, they will be with you within 30 minutes or less. You can also rest assured that we will deal with your key or lock emergency in the shortest possible time to get you out of harm's way.


All our materials, whether locks or the equipment we use to make keys, come from world-class suppliers. Any installation we do for you will last for years and years. Some of our suppliers includeSKG, deKEY and GAMMA. These are among the best in the world. For making keys, we have the best rated equipment in the EU, so all the keys we make work and last.


As long as it has to do with security, you can be sure we will take care of it for you. We handle everything to do with locks, keys, restricted areas, alarms, safes, car locks, remote-controlled car alarms. Whatever your needs are, talk to us and find out if we can take care of them for you.


There are many locksmiths in the Netherlands who charge the same as we do, but do not give nearly as much value as we do. You will realise that the value of every euro you pay us is worth it because we always go the extra mile for every customer.


For all the services we offer, we come to you. Even if you need keys copied, call us and we will come to your location. We wine open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Locksmith Service 24 anytime and we will respond if you have locked yourself out or for any other problem.

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